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Is Doing Business With Your Company A Pain?

Is Doing Business With Your Company A Pain?

People tend to make decisions based on two factors.


And pleasure.

Of these two it’s important to note that pain is a much, MUCH, stronger motivator than pleasure.

That is, the desire to avoid pain is greater than any desire to gain pleasure.

This is why diets fail (the pain of not eating is worse than the pleasure of being thinner)

Or why most savings plans fail (the pain of not buying now, is greater than the pleasure of having more money tomorrow)

Or why students tend to cram the night before the exam, if at all (because the pain of studying now, is greater than the pleasure from acing an exam)

So how does this relate to business?

Your goal as a business owner or employee should be to remove as many obstacles as possible in the customers buying decision, to remove pain.

You don’t need to instill fear, or manipulate, or lie, or do any number of unethical things, your goal is to remove pain – not create it.

What parts of your business are currently a pain to your customers?

Can they find you? (ie easy to find website, search engine optimized, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, social media)

How is your sales process? (ie long lines, inexperienced sales staff, lack of product or service information)

Are they afraid of your company (ie no guarantees, no trust, no history, no social proof)

A great way to increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates is to find out your customers pain points, and then try to reduce them, then doing business with you should be a pleasure!

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