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Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Advertising

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and YouTube Ads remain three of the most cost effective forms of advertising available today.

By far.

So much more than just building “Likes” to your page, these online advertising giants help your company generate more leads, customers and sales by building massive brand awareness, driving more traffic to your website, and helping keep your business top of mind among your target market.

82% of Canadians and 75% of Americans are active on social media, and Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have fast become the most cost effective and engaging ways to reach your target market, no matter who they are.

Adam is a true professional and well respected in our industry as sincere, credible, and committed to his clients results. His level of integrity and dedication to putting his clients’ best interests first are part of what makes Adam my top referral partner.

Nicholas Kusmich CEO,

Why Facebook, Instagram, And YouTube Ads?

2 Main reasons.

Reason #1: It’s where your ideal target market is. Period.

If your target market isn’t on Facebook, then we can reach them on Instagram.

And if they’re not on Instagram, then we can reach them on YouTube.

No matter who they are, you can (and should) be in front of them on (one or all of) these channels.

If generating more leads, customers, and sales for business is one of your goals… we can help.

Point #2: Fast, trackable, and measurable results.

Imagine calling up the newspaper, or a radio or television station and saying you’d like to run an ad and have it on air by the end of the day… and tell them not to show your ad to anyone that doesn’t fall into your target market so you don’t waste your marketing budget…

Not going to happen.

But… put those same dollars into an online ad and you can get in front of thousands and thousands of highly targeted customers. Traditional marketing simply can’t compete.

Adam is the secret weapon behind my Facebook advertising. Once I turned over the reins to him, my cost per lead dropped dramatically while the quality of those leads increased. Week by week, he helps me keep my emotions out of decision making, always sharing data to drive our plan adjustments and to recommend things to test. Beyond the results he delivers, he’s a delight to work with – positive, funny, and generous. If you’re still running your own ads, get out of your own way and get Adam on your team.

Cherylanne Skolnicki CEO, Shine Life

Accountable Marketing

Most marketing agencies are (sadly) still using archaic and ineffective metrics such as “likes” and “impressions” (…we see it ALL the time when we do our complimentary marketing audits)

Our process is different. Forged in fire in the hyper competitive direct response world our marketing focuses on leads, customers, and sales.

Getting more “likes” may make you feel good for a second… but creating campaigns that deliver actual paying customers to your business is what really makes things exciting.

Adam is one of the few guys that I’ve encountered in this industry that you can 100% trust to give rock solid advice every time. You can tell by his enthusiasm and depth of knowledge that he is incredibly passionate about what he does, and it shows up in his results. Just one simple suggestion from Adam helped us boost conversions in one step of our funnel by nearly 15%, literally overnight.

Glenn Hoddinott Media Buyer, Traffic and Funnels

Split Testing

There’s also the massive benefit of something known as “split testing” (Step 5 of our signature “Ad Accelerator” process)

This is the process where we design a number of different ads with different images and titles, and calls-to-action, and then we can see which one performs the best.

In the end, what you get are a few lower performing ads, and one Super Ad.

The lower performing ads are quickly cut, and this Super Ad can then be tweaked, adjusted, and updated, and over time your Super Ad becomes that much more, well, Super.

The “Ad Accelerator”

Sample Results (776% Return on Investment)

Modern Marketing

There has never been a better time to take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Ads than right now. This is because all 3 platforms have continually improved and developed more and more cutting edge advertising options that have been proven time and time again to deliver amazing results.

If you want to take advantage of some of the most effective advertising methods available today, then give us a call or send us an email, and let’s get your online ads up and running.

Sample Results (From $0 t0 $104,000 In 4 Months)

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Advertising Design & Management

All of our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Advertising campaigns are built strategically from the ground up and include:

  • Market Research: Your complete customer avatar identification (demographic, geographic, psychographic details) that ensures good market, message, media match (the 3M’s)
  • Ad Design: Strategically crafting and creating the perfect message and image combination to provide the greatest ROI (after thousands of campaigns run we know the right combo)
  • Campaign Creation: We take care of placements, targeting, split testing, delivery, budget optimization, campaign objectives, and more…
  • And Ongoing Optimization: The launch is just the beginning… we monitor everything to quickly cut low performing ads and shift the budget towards higher performing ones ensuring ever rising ROI’s and results.

Sample Facebook Ads (From Various 5, 6, and 7-Figure Generating Campaigns)

(Click the image below to enlarge)

More Testimonials…

Adam Erhart

Adam Erhart specializes in creating high converting Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube advertising campaigns and is recommended and referred to by some of the top names in the industry.

The strategic mind behind many of the best performing ads you see online today, Adam is responsible for consistently creating campaigns that generate millions of dollars for his clients. He’s also the host of the popular Modern Marketing Podcast, Modern Marketing Show on YouTube, and creator of the FB Ads Lab Facebook Advertising training course.

(When he’s not helping grow his clients businesses you can find him up Mt Washington teaching his 3 boys “the way of the mountain” or riding the Cumberland trails on his pre-historic downhill bike – that he still loves…)

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Advertising Videos

Even More Testimonials…

When it comes to creating practical, actionable, and results producing marketing strategies there is nobody out there better than Adam. Take his training, hire him, do whatever you need to do to get access to his insights.

Colin Sauer

Adam and his enthusiasm towards my business have made things come together for me as a practitioner. He is positive and gets results and I am so grateful for his input and knowledge as it has made such a huge difference. The genuine support that you receive from Adam is very rare in this world we live in.

Dr. Brittany Filipetti

World class marketing solutions. That’s exactly what Adam produces every single time. And the results he produces are absolutely incredible. If you own a business, you need him in your corner.

Paul Drakes

Apply Now

Click here to apply now and get a proven, effective, and professionally designed Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube Advertising campaign installed in your business to help you generate more leads, customers, and sales.

And Even More Testimonials…

A Final Note…

If you’ve made it to the bottom of this page… you’ve read the testimonials, looked at the case studies and results, and watched the videos… then there is only 1 possible reason I can think of why you haven’t clicked the “Apply Now” button to begin the conversation yet…

And that is…

  1. You don’t believe online advertising will work for YOUR unique business.

Maybe you’ve tried Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube Ads before and gotten… less than impressive results. (common, this stuff can get pretty complicated)

Or maybe you’ve hired a marketing agency before who delivered… less than impressive results. (super common, most agencies are simply not online ad experts)

Or maybe you’ve heard the rumours, gossip, and talk about Facebook Ads not working, Instagram Ads being too crowded, or YouTube Ads being too hard to use… how they never work, and how they’re a complete waste of money. (perhaps the most common of all, and all built on the fact that most campaigns were launched without the right strategy, tactics, and methods in place to ensure a positive ROI)

So my friend you are not alone. And these are very common concerns. Sadly… for most businesses they’re also reality.

And so one of the most valuable marketing tools we have ever seen (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Ads) gets tossed to the side and ignored – while those who understand and embrace this platform continue to experience increased lead and customer flow, rising revenue, and the ability to generate sales on demand… just like the results above all prove.

If you’d like to join the ranks of the businesses who are growing their businesses with online advertising I’d like to personally invite you to apply now.

Because in all honesty, online ads may not be the right fit for your business.

And if they are, we may not be the right fit to help implement them for you.

But neither of us will know for sure until we talk.

So click the “Apply Now” button now and let’s begin the conversation.

To your success,


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