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Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis

Digital Marketing Got You Feeling Overwhelmed?

I was working with a company in Victoria, BC a while back that was struggling to figure out where to go first.

Should they put their resources into social media?

Or maybe re-invest in their website to give it a much needed makeover.

They also wanted to be sure their online advertising campaign was running smoothly, and wasn’t being overlooked – both their Adwords and their Facebook Ads.

And naturally they didn’t want to miss out on the incredible opportunities present in SEO.

And blogging,

And video marketing,

And email marketing,

And podcasts,

And display network advertising,

And sky writing…. (ok I made that last one up… but it can be a valuable tool!)

The list went on, and on.

And so what happened?

Analysis paralysis.

Instead of doing something… anything… they did nothing.

Weighing the pro’s and con’s of each, and determined to have it all, or have nothing, they chose nothing.

The truth is you can’t really go too wrong with any of the online tools available today, as they’ll all help you better communicate your brand message, and reach more prospective and current customers.

The trick is to take that first step!

(OK, if you really want me to tell you where to start – try setting up a small Google Adwords campaign as it will provide the quickest, and easiest path to new customers and traffic)

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