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In Marketing, Something Is Better Than Nothing

In Marketing, Something Is Better Than Nothing

When trying to decide on an online marketing strategy a lot of business owners drown in the sea of options.

Should we focus on our website, our email campaign, SEO, PPC, or social media?

Should we invest in conversion and call tracking software, or brand awareness campaigns and general advertising?

What are my competitors doing? And should I be doing that as well?

When analysis paralysis sets in, it’s best to take a step back and focus on the basics.

First, when it comes to online marketing, your website is the hub.

It’s where you’re going to be driving all your traffic no matter where they come from – including offline exposures like direct mail, signage, or business card distribution, so you want to make sure it works, and works well.

Once your website is looked after (meaning it’s clean, mobile responsive, has a clear call to action, and does what you want it to do) you can start to branch out and look at other areas.

Each tool comes with it’s own set of benefits, costs, and limitations, so if you’re not exactly sure what to do, it makes sense to get some outside help.

If, however, you’re determined to go it alone, every aspect of online marketing will provide value when used correctly, so pick one, learn all you can, and then run with it.

In the case of marketing, more often than not, something is better than nothing.

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