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Do I Really Need Marketing?

Do I Really Need Marketing?

First off, this question is like asking an accountant if you really need accounting, or a fitness trainer if you really need to exercise… I’m clearly a little biased here.

That said, after many years of studying businesses both from the inside, and out, one thing rings true, every business can benefit from marketing.

A successfully run small business has 3 important parts:

Product or service (what most small business owners are inherently good at and interested in, and likely the reason they started the business in the first place.

Finance, (namely securing positive cash flow) and

Marketing (attracting and keeping customers.)

Most small business owners start a business because they’re passionate about what they’re doing. This could be anything from aquarium sales, to landscaping design. They know their product inside and out, and for the most part are proud of what they’re doing.

Finance comes next. Due to the fact that unless your business is promoting positive cash flow, you’ll be out of business sooner than later, most business owners tend to focus on this next.

Many of those mathematically minded entrepreneurs are more than able to keep track of expenses, revenues, and look after their finances themselves, but for those that aren’t interested, there are bookkeepers and accountants well versed in small business finance and tax codes.

This leaves us with the third component of business, marketing.

You’ve spent weeks, months, and often years building up your business. You know your business is amazing, you know that people would really benefit from what you have to offer, you know all these things, so don’t you owe it to yourself and to your potential customers to try to help them by letting them know you exist and what you can do for them? (This CAN be done tastefully and in line with your brand and objectives)

You may be asking yourself, “do I really need marketing if my business is already doing well?”

First, a congratulations are in order, that’s fantastic to hear and we’re happy you’re doing well.

Next, you do want this to continue right?

Marketing not only helps identify what’s made you successful up to this point, but it also lays out the framework for continued future success.

Also, though you’re doing well, what’s to say you couldn’t be doing better?

Not just more volume (maybe not even more volume if you don’t want it), but perhaps better contracts, or better customers, or moving into an area you’ve always wanted to pursue as in the case of strategic growth planning.

Marketing helps with all of these, by forming a clear picture of what you have to offer, to whom, and how best to tell them.

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