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How to Raise Brand Awareness

How to Raise Brand Awareness

“What is the best marketing channel to attract the attention of the target audience?” – Quite a common question for both beginners and experienced online-marketers.

Brand awareness affects the competitiveness of the product and the possibility of long-term growth. In this article, I’m going to consider the basic methods of increasing the brand’s awareness.

The Components of Awareness

Brand awareness consists of two different concepts:

  • Brand recognition – the ability of the consumer to identify and find the brand by certain characteristics and attributes. In other words, this term describes how quickly and easily a consumer can find the product by appearance, images, and design elements. For example, a good logo can increase the recognition (you can see the examples of such logos here:
  • Brand recall – the ability of the consumer to recall the company’s trademark at the time of particular need.

Developing a strategy to promote the goods on the market, it is important to put the accent on the type of awareness that is more important for the brand.


Recognition vs. Recall

Actually, there’s no universal answer on what of these to focus, but you will easily answer it when understanding in what situation the consumer will purchase the brand’s goods.

  • If the target audience makes choose the good from the available alternatives, the aim of the promotion should be the increasing of the brand recognition.
  • If the target audience decides on the purchase at the time of the need, far from the place of purchase, and does not see the elements of the brand, then the aim of the campaign to increase of the recall. For example, when a client gets cold, he tries to recall brands that are able to cure him.

High brand awareness and recall can be achieved through the promotion of goods on the market. The more targeted contacts with the product and the higher their quality – the faster the awareness grows.  

Online Instruments to Increase the Brand’s Awareness

Unfortunately, there’s no the only correct way to increase brand awareness online since the effectiveness of various marketing tools largely depends on the type of business. For example, an advertising campaign in Instagram can bring positive results to the manufacturer of shoes, but be ineffective to an online electronics store.

Almost all marketers use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social networks for promotion. Therefore, the first affordable and popular promotion channel is social media marketing (SMM). To hold a successful SMM campaign, it’s crucial to choose the social platform with the functionality that will allow presenting your brand correctly and in the best light.

#1 Facebook

  • More than one billion of monthly users.
  • On average, people spend 6 hours per month on Facebook.
  • 3 billion comments and “likes” every day.
  • 50% of Facebook users visit this social platform every day.
  • 30% of users use Facebook both to work and communicate, 40% – for personal purposes only, 2% – for business only.  

#2 Instagram

  • More than 200 million of active users.
  • More than 16 billion photos.
  • One billion “likes” a day.
  • Used by 10% of men and 15% of women to publish photos.
  • 28% of the audience is between 18 and 29 years, 14% – between 30 and 49.


#3 Pinterest

  • Every sixth Internet user has an account in Pinterest.
  • 18% of users of this service have annual income $ 50 000 or more.
  • 2% of people use Pinterest for business, 14% – for personal purposes, and 16% – to attract potential buyers and browse interesting “pins.”
  • The second effective social platform (after Facebook) to attract direct traffic on the landing pages/websites.

#5 Twitter

  • About 650 million of active users.
  • More than 2 billion of search queries within the platform.
  • 6% of users post to Twitter exclusively for business purposes, 30% – read tweets for fun, and 35% use it both to work and communicate.


#6 Blogging

  • 150 million Americans read blogs.
  • 30% of readers say that the articles in blogs affect their decision to purchase.
  • 50% of marketers find clients via their blogs.

The Benefits of Social Media

  • Presenting of the brand.
  • Building relationships with customers.
  • Increasing sales, brand awareness, and consumer loyalty.
  • Fast processing of customer feedback and comment.
  • Lead generation.
  • Improving the position in search.
  • Increasing the traffic to the website and landing pages.
  • Reducing advertising costs.


Content Marketing as an Effective Tool for Promotion

The relevant content marketing strategy can significantly increase the amount of traffic and the position in SERPs. There are four basic formats of materials used in the content marketing:

  1. Emailing – the cheapest, the quickest, and the most effective way to provide the content to the target audience.
  2. Free educational materials – to increase public awareness of the brand and segmented subscription base of the company.
  3. Visual content – to increase the number of the web page and new releases views.
  4. Video materials – used for branding, attracting the attention of the wider audience and stimulating consumers to purchase.  50% of people say that watching video reviews on certain products or services makes them ready to make the final decision on a purchase.

As a rule, a consumer is not an expert – he inclined to believe the statements of manufacturers and sometimes does not even have the experience of buying goods of a particular category. Thus, before deciding on whether to purchase this or that good, the customer always evaluates risks, namely the risk of losing money and the risk to buy a bad product. It is the fear to make the wrong choice that contributes to choosing a well-known brand. The buyer is ready to overpay for a quality product.

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