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How To Build Trust

How To Build Trust

If there’s a widely accepted traditional marketing model, it would have to be the “know, like, and trust” model.

Essentially, for people to do business with you they first need to know you, then they need to like you, and finally they need to trust you.

These are some pretty big generalities in the statement that could be argued on a couple different levels (as laid out here in this article LINK TO ”Respect vs Like”), but the foundation is true, especially in regards to trust.

So how can we build trust in our businesses?


What this means is always putting your best foot forward, but making sure that in the end, it’s your foot.

Authenticity begins with a clearly defined vision of the business, and then company wide implementation of that vision.

Try identifying the following with your team.

Who are we? What’s important to us? Why we do what we do?

This is a good exercise for every business to take a look at once in awhile to help better identify their true authentic selves.

For added insight, try the bonus question: Why do our customers choose us?

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