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Mobipocolypse – Mobile Friendly Websites Only

Mobipocolypse – Mobile Friendly Websites Only

Well it appears the day has finally come.

It’s no surprise, and was only a matter of when, not IF this was going to happen.

The good news is (like most things) this is a huge advantage to those in the know.

The bad news is… well, there’s no bad news really. Sure this might involve a little bit of extra work but in the end it’s well worth it.

So what exactly am I talking about?


Or the death of non-mobile friendly websites, and it’s happening April 21, 2015. From now on… Mobile friendly websites only please.

You see, Google is constantly updating, improving, and changing their search engines algorithm in an attempt to provide the most valuable and relevant answers to its searchers questions. Well… with well over half of all people using their mobile phones to go online, they figured it was time to start rewarding cell phone friendly websites, and push non-cell phone friendly websites off the page.

And this makes perfect sense!

Have you ever tried to visit a website on your phone that was a nightmare to use?

You’ve got to pinch, and scroll, and search, and squint to see the tiny font. Well Google’s tired of this too, and they have the power to do something about it.

What this means is that if your site is mobile friendly (and ideally responsive as well – which means it snaps and fits into perfect shape on a smart phone or tablet) then your rankings won’t be hurt, and may even be helped!

But if your webpage is using old code, well.. now’s probably a pretty good time to change it.

If you’d like to test whether your site is mobile friendly or not all you have to do is visit the link below and enter your websites address.


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