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Why Did You Buy A Vespa?

Why Did You Buy A Vespa?

Why did you buy a Vespa?

So, you’ve made the decision to buy a scooter, and not just any scooter, but a Vespa! (just go along with it for the sake of the article)

First off congratulations!

While they may not be the fastest, or the safest, or the coolest mode of transportation available, they certainly have their place.

So what made you decide on the Vespa and not a competitors product? And why did you even decide on a scooter at all?

Odds are it was a combination of things.

Maybe it reminded you of a trip you took to Italy after college, or perhaps you’ve always had a thing for Italian culture and design.

Maybe a good friend, or someone you looked up had one, or always wanted one.

It could also be that you were shopping for purely economical reasons and a used Vespa fit perfectly into your budget (and hey, they do get great gas mileage!)


No matter the logical reasoning behind it, there’s always an emotional reaction of some degree. You can call it shoppers intuition, gut feel, ESP, or whatever you like, but at the end of the day, we make more decisions with our hearts than with our heads.


Our goals as marketers is to help provide the feeling the customer is after.


We can do this with the Vespa by emphasizing the luxury of owning an Italian scooter to the brand conscious consumer.


Or we can appeal to the history buffs by highlighting its rich Pre-World War II heritage.


We can also appeal to the fashionista with it’s Italian origins and styling.


And if we were really smart… we’d appeal to them all!


We can do this through segmenting and targeting our market, and delivering exactly what they want.


We appeal to them all, just not at the same place, or the same time.


This is where strategic marketing planning and advertising campaign design come into play.


The big companies do this with multi-million dollar budgets and teams of advertising executives, but the same concepts are just as available to small and medium sized business through online advertising.


So the next time you think about who your target market is, it really is ok to say everyone! Just be sure you can segment them into different groups so you can target them more effectively.



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