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Why Are You Doing That?

Why Are You Doing That?

The problem with being a small business owner or founder of a company is sometimes the lack of accountability to a board of directors, shareholders, or a direct supervisor.

Sure you have clients to please, employees to keep happy, and suppliers to look after, but often what’s needed most is a sounding board for ideas, some kickback, and someone to say, “No, that’s probably not a good plan,” or “why are you doing that?”

Accountability is a beautiful thing.

So with no direct supervisor, the only answer then is to be accountable to yourself, and that starts with a good hard look at what you’re doing right now, and more importantly, the reasons behind it. Is this necessary for the success of your business? Is it something that only you can do and can’t be delegated? Is it the highest priority item for you to handle right now?

It’s important to stop every once in awhile and ensure that what needs doing is being done, and what doesn’t need doing, isn’t.

We all have the same 24 hours in every day, so don’t be afraid to stop and ask yourself, “Why are you doing that?”

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