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Remarkable Marketing

Remarkable Marketing

Cute cat pictures will only get you so far.

Eventually you’re going to need some solid content to back them up.

Advertising and marketing are important to get people’s attention, but when they finally pull back the covers on your product, what will your customers really see?

Putting “lipstick on a pig” just doesn’t work well anymore (well, not for long at least).

We’re far too connected, far too savvy, and oftentimes for better or worse, far too skeptical, after all, we’ve seen it all.

This is why (as marketing genius Seth Godin advocates) marketing should be built right in to the product.

Your product is a key part of your marketing strategy.

From there, your job is to tell people about just how remarkable/incredible/valuable/life-changing/nifty your product really is.

Marketing becomes a whole lot easier (Not to mention more efficient, more satisfying, and more fun) when you can share your product, opposed to having to use hard sell tactics.

Some real life examples include:

-Driving traffic to an inefficient or ugly website

-Paying to advertise a less-than-perfect product or service

-Launching a product before all the bugs have been worked out

The beauty is that it’s not too late. Head back to the lab, open up your product, and try to find a way to build marketing right in to it. Make it remarkable. Make it marketable.

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