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Relax in Victoria

victoriaVictoria British Columbia is a mild and relaxed type of city. It is somewhere that you would want to go for a honeymoon or a weekend away. The winters are pretty mild, but it does drizzle a lot. Now, that might make it seem like it would be miserable, but it really is beautiful. The idea that you can sit on your hotel rooftop and get a panoramic view of both ocean and mountains. The people are friendly and the whole place has a small town feel. The nightlife isn’t perfect; in fact, it is almost nonexistent. That’s okay if you are looking for a place to go with your family or if you need to go for work.

Let me tell you about the museums. There are museums for almost everyone. The Royal BC Museum showcases all the natural wonders of the world. You can find dinosaurs and fossils or take in an IMAX movie. The kids will love it. There is the Maritime Museum is on the inner harbor. Within it you can find stories that will move you and inspire you. They also offer a kid’s outreach programs, there are many to choose from. You can find a bug museum, where you will find, ummm bugs. Yea I said that you can look at bugs. Interesting for all the little boys in your life.

Of course there are the historical houses that can be categorized as museums. There is the Helmcken House, Craigflower Manor and school house and the Emily Carr House. The importance of history are highlighted in these destinations. They showcase the life as it was in the early days of Victoria. This is a great way to make the trip educational and fun. It is a one of a kind place to see history preserved in way that makes it beautiful.

While you are taking a stroll through the city, be sure to take in the gardens. You can go visit the Butchart Gardens. They have an original assortment of gardens, from Japanese Gardens to the sunken gardens, you will fall in love. The little girl in your life will love the butterfly gardens and the beauty of the flowers that butterflies inhabit. That isn’t all, there are several more to behold, including Abkhazi Gardens. Enjoy your lunch in a beautiful garden and watch the waves roll in.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. It isn’t meant to be rushed through. Victoria highlights life by showing you what it is meant to be. The beauty of the natural landscape is highlighted in the architecture and preserved in the historic areas. Victoria is not the city to be rushed through, it is a city to savor with your family or loved one. The nightlife, or lack of, simple isn’t missed because you feel the importance of taking in the beauty around you. Night clubs are not needed when you have the option of enjoying nature at its finest. From mountain to sea, Victoria is the way to be.

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