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Victoria BC History

victoria-bcIn 1858, gold was found a little known area. It took the world by surprise and led to the development of a culture that is so diverse it has become its own environment. This area is now known as Victoria, BC. A lot of the people that settled in Victoria were participants in the gold rush of 1848 in California, USA. A total of 30,000 settlers came in almost overnight. Instead of taking over, destroying the land, and moving on, a lot of these settlers stayed and made Victoria home.

The original owners of the land, the Aborigines, were not overlooked. Instead they were respected. They took the time to show the new comers how to use the land without destroying it. You can see their influence through the city in the art and buildings. There are some beautiful historic museums that highlight it as the precious resource that it truly is.

Since July 21, 1887, Victoria has been the capital of British Colombia. Its architecture is greatly influenced by the governing bodies of both Canada and Britain. The grand castles were set into place by queens for the great balls and social gatherings to be held. The regales of them have been well preserved throughout the decades in a way that not all countries have chosen to highlight them. Not only are they majestic, but they are also very beautiful.

Today, anyone who visits Victoria can to experience everything you would in a modern city. From five star hotels to reservation only restaurants, tourists will find the epitome of luxury. Even if you are planning a stay for work, you will find that city comfortable.

For all those going to get away, there could be no better place. There are beautiful beaches to relax and watch the waves roll in. Whale watching is almost always an option, whether you chose to watch from a boat or shore. Or you could stroll along the coast gathering shells, the climate is usually pretty cooperative with most outdoor activities. If the beach is not what you want to do, you can choose to hike through the mountains. The views from the top can show you panoramic views of both the city and the sea. That is something you aren’t likely to get from just any city.

Impressive as the outdoors are, there are times when the rain or climate will make you want to stay indoors. When this happens, you are not limited in the amount of things to do. There are museums for almost everyone. You can take in the art and culture, the music, or absorb the history. You can also take a tour of the historic side of the city. It seems as though the city was created to be treasured. It makes you want to slow down and get to know the area. Some tourists even choose to stay. One thing is very certain, it does not matter how many times your road leads to Victoria, each stay is a new experience.

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