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What does it mean to be an “Effective Entrepreneur”?

First, let me tell you what it DOESN’T mean:

  • It doesn’t mean feeling tired, overwhelmed, burned-out, or beat down (this is a clear sign that something isn’t working)
  • It doesn’t mean running from fire to fire always dealing with the URGENT and never working on the IMPORTANT (if you’ve ever been anxious to check your email then you know what I’m talking about)
  • It doesn’t mean living in a self-made prison that you can’t escape from (entrepreneurship often becomes a “job” without careful attention and design)
  • And it doesn’t mean sacrificing your life, your health, or your family for your business (it doesn’t have to be a win-lose game and some things are too important to lose)
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“Effective Entrepreneurs” on the other hand:

  • Work in their Zone of Genius (they do what they’re good at, and love it)
  • Set meaningful and impactful goals (and achieve them by implementing the right structures and frameworks)
  • Work less, but earn more (because TIME should never be tied directly to MONEY)
  • Design a business and life they love (…then get others to help them make it happen)
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“Workaholic” Entrepreneur to Balanced Business

I’ve been on both sides of the equation.

  • I used to work a MINIMUM of 12 hours a day (usually 16)
  • I took ZERO vacations
  • I worked every single weekend (and holiday… even Christmas Day)
  • I did a lot of things I did NOT enjoy (and wasn’t good at)
  • I got sick all the time (Sometimes minor. Sometimes major)
  • My business grew but my health, relationships, and happiness all suffered
  • I was NOT performing anywhere near my full potential

And I’m here to tell you that if you’ve ever had the thought, belief, or feeling that maybe, just maybe things could be better – you’re right.

There is a better way.

And while what you’ve been doing to get you to this point has worked, it’s brought you success, money, impact, and maybe even some level of control…

A change is required to get you to the next level and to an even deeper level of impact, meaning, fulfillment (and the increased profitability that comes from operating from a place of true authenticity and purpose)

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Business Coaching and Consulting For Businesses in Victoria BC and Vancouver Island

That’s what Strategic Business Coaching is all about.

Helping ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners perform their best and achieve big, meaningful, and life-changing goals. Effectively.

With over a decade of international business experience and entrepreneurship and having worked with billionaires, royalty, and having coached entrepreneurs of all kinds for some of the biggest names in the business I’ve learned how to help entrepreneurs achieve the kind of results they could previously only dream of which inevitably leads to rapid, and dramatic improvements across the business (and entrepreneur’s life).

Just how much is possible?

My clients consistently outperform even their biggest goals, dreams, and ambitions. Your goals are unique to you, but some client examples include:

  • Re-designing their business to create a life they love (Ensuring the goals they are actively pursuing actually align with their true values, mission, and legacy)
  • Creating Unshakeable Confidence (natural, deep, lasting confidence that is transferable to every other area of life)
  • Escaping Overwhelm once and for all (tapping into and leveraging their unique skills, talents, and focusing on what truly delivers results)
  • Working only in their “Zone of Genius” (they do what they love and what they’re good at – reducing stress while increasing fulfillment)
  • Setting and achieving meaningful and impactful goals (…business growth, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, profitability, and more)
  • Working less, but earning more (saving an additional 1.8 hours each day, taking longer vacations, and spending more time with family all while growing revenues by 224%)
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Business Coaching is NOT for everyone.

  • It requires ambition, courage, commitment, and a desire for more (and quite simply most people are not ready for this level of growth).
  • It also requires that you already have a legitimate and functioning business (the strategies we will discuss work best for 6, 7, and 8 figure companies, not startups or pre-revenue ideas)
  • But if you’re willing to embrace the challenge, accept responsibility, and are ready to move towards building a bigger, better, and brighter future –  then this may be for you.

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A few more notes on what “Business Coaching” is NOT:

  • “Just-think-positive-Coaching” – I’m not going to tell you to “just think positive thoughts” or “look on the bright side”. You need (and deserve) actionable insights, not empty affirmations (which don’t work anyway)
  • Passive (not active) Coaching – that just listens but never offers any relevant or tactical advice (When I have the experiences, strategies, and techniques that would be beneficial to your situation I’m going to let you know. I’ve been there before and you don’t have to figure this all out on your own)
  • There to be your “Best Buddy” (My goal for you is results. Progress. Achievement. And we’ll work together to do whatever it takes to get you there)
  • Routed in “BS”, fluff, airy ideas, woo-woo, or “magical” theories (As an Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurs Coach I’m strategic, results-oriented, and a realist –  I just happen to know that you’re likely capable of far more than you think)
  • Incremental (We work in the Exponential NOT the Incremental.)

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About Your Coach

Adam Erhart has been advising business owners and entrepreneurs for the past 6 years on how to escape overwhelm, achieve “impossible” goals, and build an unstoppable business.

Recommended and referred by some of the top names in the industry, he’s built a reputation for being strategic, results-driven, and willing to say what others won’t when it comes to truly building an unstoppable business and life.

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